Marin Gazzaniga — "Claire"

Recent theater: What Comes Next (dir. Lorca Peress) at Access Theater, NYC; world premiere of So Close at Walkerspace (dir. Michael Sexton); The Bigger Thing (also by Pamela Popeson) in New York and the Edinburgh Fringe Festival; Clean (dir. Beth Lauren) and Cowboy Mouth (dir. Bruce Kronenberg). Forthcoming films: 2K3, A Soldier's Heart, 3 Days in Dublin. Other film & television: Julie Talen's Pretend (Best Fiction Film, Festivalito, Canary Islands; Lincoln Center's Video Festival; MoMA Mediascope series), As the World Turns (CBS), Lying in Bed (Bogota & Cartagena Festivals); shorts: Rumpy (Savannah Film Festival) and Immaculate Concoction.

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