Rob Fruchtman, Director

ROB FRUCHTMAN is an award-winning documentary director, producer and editor. He won the Documentary Director award at the 2002 Sundance Film Festival for Sister Helen, (co-directed with Rebecca Cammisa) which aired on HBO in 2003, and has won three Emmys and several nominations for his work with PBS and HBO. His last film was Trust Me, a documentary for SHOWTIME, featuring Christian, Jewish and Islamic boys at an interfaith camp in North Carolina. He recently completed Samurai Sportsman, a 13-part series for the Outdoor Life Network, which premiered in March, 2004. Mr. Fruchtman has circled the globe to make documentaries and series, such as In Search of China; Kronos, The Body Adorned; and On the Edge of Being: Doctors with Cancer for PBS; The Last of the Incas for Showtime and Ancient Splendors for Readers Digest/Disney Channel. For Reader's Digest, he executive produced Nature's Great Events (co-produced with the BBC), Incredible Journeys Around the World (three hours on PBS), and films on Australia and China for RD's Global Television and Video division. He has also made many programs featuring the arts, including Dance New York (WNET), a profile of Elliot Feld and Paul Taylor which won a NY Emmy; Iso Dance Theater (PBS), a dance special with former Momix and Pilobolus dancers, recipient of five LA Emmys; Kronos: Music of Our Time (PBS), a portrait of the Kronos Quartet, with Philip Glass and John Cage; and The Creation of Omo (PBS), a dance special with the San Francisco Ballet. Mr. Fruchtman began his career as a dialogue and sound editor on feature films including The Unbearable Lightness of Being, Quiz Show, Blue Velvet, Backdraft, Willow and many others, working with directors such as Robert Redford, Ron Howard, Philip Kaufman and David Lynch.

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