Marin Gazzaniga, Producer & Writer

MARIN GAZZANIGA produced, along with John Conlee and Rising Phoenix Rep, the world premiere of the play version of So Close in New York City. Other producing credits: Cowboy Mouth (CBGB's, NYC) and the New York and Edinburgh Fringe Festival premieres of The Bigger Thing. Associate producer of Naked Angels' Issues Project: Democracy and Beth Lauren's short film Immaculate Concoction. As producer on So Close, she was responsible for all planning and production and supervised the editing and postproduction of the film. As a writer and editor Gazzaniga has worked in journalism (NBC News and Vogue), as deputy director of Communications at Victim Services (where she got the idea for So Close). She is co-author of Maverick Mind: A Mother's Story of Solving the Mystery of her Unreachable, Unteachable, Silent Son (Putnam) with Cheri Florance, Ph.D. She has written and edited for numerous magazines including InStyle, Elle, and Cosmopolitan and was co-editor of the critically acclaimed The Breast: An Anthology (Global City Press, 1995) and contributing editor to the literary journal Global City Review. She has written screen and tele-plays, most recently for As the World Turns. So Close is her first play (it was awarded a grant from the Pilgrim Project) and first produced screenplay. Currently she is a writer/producer for Marin is a member of the Author's and Dramatist's Guilds, graduated from Columbia College and has an MA in creative writing from City College.

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